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Witness and/or experience a  LIVE HEALING PRAYER, hear the Gospel and prophetic words of Evangelist Prophetess Pastor Patricia Benneman? 

The Evangelist and Delaware Universal Ministries Bishop Gregory Michael Scott, EdD, are both highly anointed and spirit-filled. Witness the  Pentecostal prayer and preaching of  Evangelist Patricia Benneman. They are the co-founders of Glory United Ministries.Listen or call to speak with them at


A Spiritual Conversation with .....

First Sunday of Every Month, 1o am, EST 

Hear  Bishop Gregory and his guest, often the Evangelist, in a frank, no  holds barred exploration of important topics related to healing and  spirituality.

In His Presence: Evangelist Patricia Benneman


 The 4th Sunday, 10 am EST and 7 pm CST/8 pm EST on the following Wednesday, every month. Internet address:

Glory United Ministries on

Listen to WGUM live Dial: 213-943-3667.

In  addition to her stirring sermons delivered monthly via, she is an active participant on all WGUM programs.  The Evangelist offers miraculous revivals, prophecies, sermons and  conferences for which she has received many standing ovations. Evangelist Patricia Benneman is a widely sought speaker and prophetess. She is licensed by the Church of God in Christ. A native of Southampton, New York, she has spoken at and led revivals in many US cities. Her popularity is due to the “anointing” with Holy Spirit that she received at a very early age. This gifted her with the ability to perform hands on healing and prophecy.

Revivals and Workshops


Evangelist Patricia Benneman is continuously available to preach and to  lead revivals locations world wide.  Bishop Dr. Gregory Scott is also  available to lead 3 successive workshops, the overall theme is Rainbow  Healing focussed on Biblical Meditation; Biblical Healing and Biblical  Discipleship. Local pastors are encouraged to  select scriptures  appropriate to the workshop and to serve as co-facilitators. 


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